what are the benefits of body scrub

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The function of a body scrub is now clear to you. When used the right way, body scrubs can rescue your skin from dehydration, dryness, flakiness and irritation caused by a number of skin ailments and general lifestyle choices. The efficacy of a
a body scrub is backed up by both, beauticians and health care experts alike.

what are the benefits of body scrub
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When researching further to choose the right kind of body scrub, a look into their properties is also useful. What do we mean by properties? Literally speaking, the properties of a substance can be determined by the function it performs and the way it works under normal conditions. Hence, properties are distinct characteristics of a body scrub that make it stand out in contrast to other beauty products like moisturizers, lotions and toners. The ideal body scrub has the following properties:

It Is Abrasive: A body scrub is abrasive. The substances used to make scrubs range from sugar, salts and coffee, to various types of grain husks because these have abrasive qualities. This is the most prominent property that makes a body scrub stand apart from other products. If scrub is not a little more aggressive than, say a lotion, it wouldn’t fulfil its purpose as an exfoliator.

It Is Safe To Use: Body scrubs are safe to use on the entire body- some are even safe for facial skin. Even though retail brands have some chemicals and additives, homemade body scrubs are purely natural, making them completely safe to use on any part of the body. Herbal and homemade body scrubs have no side effects.

It Is A Mixture: Body scrubs are mixtures. They aren’t made from a pile of abrasives that are used directly on the body. To make a body scrub suitable for use on a regular basis, the abrasive substance is mixed with many other ingredients that dilute the main one. It is because of this property that a body scrub has the various benefits discussed above.

It Is Textured: Owing to the roughness of the abrasive, a body scrub has a unique texture that is not found in a lotion, shampoo, moisturizer or bath gel.
This texture is varied by the manufacturers in different scrubs to give them varying levels of exfoliation power.

It Is Scented: The best body scrubs have an aroma from a scented oil. In professional spas and salons, body scrubs are given to clients as part of aromatherapy sessions to help soothe and calm the nerves.

Coffee Body Scrubs

Ever heard of using coffee to scrub your body? Coffee infused body scrubs are very famous all around the world. These are usually offered by high-end spas and salons that cater to the specific needs of individual clients.
Coffee is a natural stimulant. When used in scrubs, it makes the mind and body alert. Moreover, using coffee beans to scrub parts of the body that have developed cellulite is highly effective for fading discolouration and evening out the tone and complexion of the entire body. The most common combinations used with Coffee Body Scrubs are Vanilla and Chocolate Scents.

Salt Body Scrubs

Salt Body Scrubs are also called Salt Glows. Compared to Coffee Scrubs, Salt Glows are highly concentrated and offer vigorous exfoliation. A number of sea salt options are available for use in Salt Body Scrubs; however, their concentration has to be kept at a reasonable level. The amount of salt in a scrub has to be balanced by various other ingredients used so that the body is not exfoliated to the extent of cell damage.
Salt Body Scrubs are ideal for detoxification and healing because sea salt pulls out toxins from the body and brings them to the surface to be washed away, making you feel extremely light and refreshing. A word of caution: before using a
sea salt scrub on your body, run a patch test to check for skin tolerance.

Sugar Body Scrubs

Sugar Body Scrubs have sugar as the base ingredient. These scrubs are the most common type of body treatments used in the majority of spas and salons. Granulated white or brown sugar is the exfoliator in this scrub because sugar helps to rub away dead cells and at the same time, it also gives the body a smooth sheen and a lustrous feeling. Compared to Salt Scrubs, Sugar Scrubs are gentle and used for mild exfoliation.

Moisturizing Body Scrubs

Moisturizing Body Scrubs provide a remedy for the most common skin problem, i.e. lack of moisture and softness. These Scrubs use very healthy ingredients that are known for high content of moisture in them. Some of the most common substances used in the scrubs include yoghurt, almonds, oatmeal and aloe vera. These substances hydrate dry and flaky skin and help the cells lock moisture for a longer period of time. With the aim of moisturizing, this scrub has very little abrasive power.

Herbal Body Scrubs

Herbal Body Scrubs have none of the chemical-laden ingredients used in regular scrubs. These products have naturally derived ingredients that cannot be stored for a long period; instead, they are made fresh for every client at professional spas.
Herbs have always been known for their calming and soothing properties.

With ingredients like orange peel and lavender, an herbal scrub has different types of soothing properties that are particular to the substances used. If your body usually reacts negatively to retail scrubs, herbal body scrubs are ideal for you.

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