Steps to Revitalize and Replenish Your Skin

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You don’t get to keep your skin looking youthful just by putting on a lot of different products you get in the market. You see to it that the products are right for you and bring out your inner glow. You have to be gentle with your skin and not just use tough chemicals, which are found in most cosmetic facial treatments.

Steps to Revitalize and Replenish Your Skin
By Irina Bg /
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You need to know about cleansing and scrubbing away (exfoliating) dead skin cells that may cause blockage of the pores of your skin and so to cause pimples and acne.
Some exfoliating agents that you can use naturally are oatmeal, wheat germ or sea salt. An oatmeal facemask is simple to make. Just prepare the oatmeal as you would for breakfast.
Apply it warm to your face then rinse off after about 15 minutes.

Detoxifying is another process you must know in order to maintain the vibrancy of the skin. Volcanic Ash Clay can be used for an extensive cleaning, but also too much cleansing can leave skin dry and affect its suppleness.

Re-hydration and moisturizing the skin is also important to keep skin supple and smooth. It is important to maintain a regimen of exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturizing to keep skin youthful.

Here’s a quick, easy general DAILY ROUTINE you can follow to revitalize and maintain a beautiful complexion. You can, of course, use commercial products or use some of the suggestions given earlier.

First, determine your skin type.

  • Normal – clear complexion, few imperfections, barely visible pores
  • Oily – likely to have enlarged pores, oily film, blackheads and pimples
  •  Dry – almost no visible pores, dull complexion, red patches, visible lines
  • Combination – could be dry in some areas, oily in others, often more oily around nose, forehead and chin

In the morning:

1. Cleanse. Try a little raw honey rubbed between your hands then massaged into your face. Remove with warm water. For dry skin, mix the honey with a little milk, for oily skin use honey and a few drops of lemon juice.

2. Tone. Apple cider vinegar makes for a terrific and very inexpensive toner. It must be raw, organic apple cider vinegar. For normal skin types mix ¼ cup of vinegar with ½ cup filtered water. Adjust the amounts for oily or dry skin. Dab on with a cotton ball being careful around the eyes. Rinse with warm water.

3. Moisturize. This is when you could use the avocado. Dry skin types might prefer shea butter.
Don’t forget olive oil or you might like this simple recipe:

  • Sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil or apricot kernel oil as a base oil
  • Evening primrose oil or neem oil
  • Your favourite essential oil, such as lavender, rose, peppermint or lemongrass
  • Fill a 1-ounce bottle 2/3 of the way with your base oil
  • Add the evening primrose or neem oil almost to the top of the bottle
  • Add about 5 drops of the essential oil.
  • Store in a cool, dry place but don’t refrigerate.

In the evening:

1. Remove your make-up. This is critical. Try using a little olive oil on cotton pads.

2. Cleanse. Instead of the honey, you might prefer an oil cleanse. Make a mixture of olive oil and castor oil; equal parts for normal skin, less castor oil for dry skin and less olive oil for oily skin. Massage the oil into dry skin. Remove with a hot, wet washcloth placed over your face (this allows the steam to open your pores) then gently wipe your face.

3. That’s it. If you feel you need it, you can also exfoliate, then repeat the toning and moisturizing routine that you did in the morning.

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