Soap Making Recipes Natural

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After everything is set and all ingredients and supplies are prepared, you can now move on to the actual soap making process.

With this, you will need some soap making recipes to try at home especially for beginners.

soap making recipes natural
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Here are some of these recipes:


What you need:

Beef Tallow (at least 35%)
Lard (at least 30%)
Coconut Oil (at least 30%)
Castor Oil (at least 5 %)
Oil or water-based titanium dioxide (to make the soap whiter)
Your preferred fragrance oils and essential oils
Soap Molds

How to:

  • Create your lye solution by mixing lye with water.
  • Set the lye solution aside.
  • Measure the oils you are going to use and make sure they are the right amount you need.
  • Mix the liquid oils together and mix them well inside a container.
  • Since you are using lard, this means it is hard oil. While this may contribute to the harder and whiter soap effect, you need to melt this first. After it melts, mix it with the liquid oil mixture.
  • Put the oil mixture together with the lye solution and mix. Blend well.
  • Add your preferred essential oil and additives for fragrance. Add the titanium dioxide to give it a whiter shade.
  • After they are well-mixed, pour them onto the soap molds of your choice.
  • Let it cool until the soap hardens.

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