Choosing Carrier Oils Considering Your Kind Of Hair

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Your hair has specific and peculiar needs that should be met as you make and apply every organic conditioner recipe.
The information below would guide and help you to efficiently create the specific blend that will suit your hair type.

You are free to combine these oils in different ways.

Make combinations of two ingredients or three or all the ingredients; whatever works for you.

Hair Care Blends
By Ulada /
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a) Normal Hair Care Blends
Coconut, olive, jojoba Oils
b) Oily Hair Care Blends
Jojoba, grapeseed Oils
c) Dry/Damaged/Frizzy Hair Care Blends
Jojoba, castor, olive, coconut oils and Shea butter
d) Dandruff Fighting Hair Care Blends
Castor, avocado, sesame, olive, coconut oils
e) Thinning Hair Care Blends
Sweet almond, olive, castor, avocado, grapeseed oils

TIP: When blending oils together in the hair care blends, the percentage of avocado oil used should be 10% only; avocado oil a very difficult to wash/rinse waxy residue.