Body Scrub Tips and Tricks : Top 10 Tips for Homemade Scrubs

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1. When making the body scrub, make sure you are wearing an apron or an old T-shirt. Scrub making can be a bit messy because ingredients like coffee leave a deep stain if they get on your clothes. Preferably put aside a T-shirt solely for this pur pose.

How to Use Body Scrubs

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2. During Scrubbing, have a mirror at hand. This will help you see where you have already scrubbed and whether your skin is taking the exfoliation well. Sometimes, rashes and red spots appear instantly on sensitive areas like the chest.
Hence, a mirror will aid you while your body scrub.

3. Whenever you sit down to make homemade scrubs, make sure you have ample of time at hand. Hurrying through the process will only lead to lots of mistakes because you have to measure the ingredients properly, mix well and then store the mixture to make sure it doesn’t lose its scent and freshness.

4. Try to give your body ample of time to get back to its natural color and state after the scrubbing regime. This means you should avoid going out immediately after having an exfoliating bath. For this reason, bed time showers are the best for this purpose.

5. At first, use only the ingredients listed in a scrub recipe. Experiments and trials are best done when you have some experience for the task.

6. Before using essential oils in scrub making, take a note of your allergies because a lot of oils have nutty bases and fragrances. Moreover, many oils are not safe to use during pregnancy; make sure you check which ones are off the list.

7. Whenever you make and try a new scrub, it is advised to run a patch test first to ensure that your skin is tolerant to the ingredients used. If your skin is particularly sensitive or dry, a harsh salt scrub can irritate it badly. Therefore, always use the scrub on a small area first.

8. Before using a body scrub, pull your hair out of the way because they can get really messy and greasy if the scrub comes in contact with them.

9. Not all scrubs are safe for the body and face alike. Make sure you mark each of these clearly to avoid mixing them up. Body scrubs may have strong ingredients that are not suitable for the sensitive skin of the face.

10. If you have problem skin, not all ingredients will suit your skin. In this case, keep the scrub recipe as simple and short as possible with the most basic ingredients being used; namely, an exfoliant, carrier oil and essential oil for scent.